Let The Outside In: Graduation Show Preview at the Pasadena Art Center

Thursday evening I stopped by at the Pasadena Art Center to get a first look at this term’s Graduation Show.

The graduation show features remarkable student accomplishments from a variety of fields in Advertising, Film, Product & Transportation Design to Illustration, Photography, and Imaging among others.

Play is the highest form of research.<footer> - Albert Einstein</footer>

The featured work was serious yet playful, tackling real problems in a thoughtful manner. A common theme among all the work was an almost childlike naiveté and playfulness. And I mean that in the most respectful way.

An impressive clay model and drawings for the BMW Sterling 9.
Let The Outside In: Re-imagining the VW Camper. I want this :)

It was inspiring to talk with the students and have them walk me through their design process. Being able to articulate your designs is an essential part of being a designer.

Everybody I spoke with had a clear vision and objective of what they were trying to accomplish in their work. No matter if this was for a clay model in transportation design or a simple poster in graphic design.

Emotion through simplicty. Just as impressive to me.

There was a sense that anything is possible among the graduates. This type of culture and perspective is what gives design centered teams a leading edge in today’s design-centric world.

If I could give only one piece of advice to any graduating designer, it would be: “Please never lose your childlike curiosity and naiveté when designing.” Anything is possible if you approach it with an open mind. You are only limited by your determination and imagination. Don’t let the feature matrix define your creative horizon.

You can view more photos from the Graduation Preview Show in my Flickr Set.

All the work shown here is copyrighted and owned by their respective creators.

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