The Prediction of Everything

I am just finishing up the work on a new timelapse movie. I shot the first sequence for this film a little over three years ago on a visit to Sequoia National Park. The rest of the clips were captured in Arizona, Utah, Yosemite and Joshua Tree over the last two years.

The title of the movie is Rise – The Prediction of Everything. It shows the predictability of our observable planetary system.

Every sunrise and sunset. Every moonrise and moonset. The rise and trajectory of the Milky Way. The fall and angle of shadows as the moon sets and the Milky Way rises. Given the date, time, latitude, longitude, elevation and direction we can predict astronomical events in our observable universe with absolute accuracy years in advance.

And while it seems obvious that we can predict something as simple as a sunrise or sunset, it is humbling considering that Earth is among billions of galaxies.

It puts everything on our human scale into perspective. And it makes you wonder if the same predictability applies to the human level. Everything is going through cycles. The seasons, our bodies, stock markets, the elements. Can or should we be able to predict everything given the right data points? Or have we not achieved the same balance and predictability as the universe?

Earth’s orbit has been stable for billions of years. Without stability, there is no life on Earth. Without stability, we would not exist. To create life, we need predictability.

For me, there is a calmness and stability that comes from connecting with nature.

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