The Last Man on the Moon, or What It Means to Share

I just finished watching The Last Man on the Moon. And now I am trying to understand what it’s like to experience something so rare as walking on the moon. It’s such a profound experience, yet you cannot fully share it with anybody. Where do you begin?

Apollo 17 Extravehicular Activity. Photo by Gene Cernan (NASA)

You can talk about the journey. There are photos and videos of the experience, but all that is just record keeping for posterity.

And every night when you look up, you are reminded of the unique experience. An experience you will never enjoy again. An experience so rare, only twelve people have experienced it.

Kai Gradert__2015-09-24_184618__MG_8489

Sharing in the true sense means other people around you have experienced the same thing, and you know deep in your heart that they had the same profound experience. Without that, you are an outsider.

Sharing not only means describing your experiences and showing photos or videos of what happened. Sharing means understanding the emotions it brings to other people.

We go through life making incredible memories and experiences. We watch incredible sunsets and sunrises. We travel to foreign destinations, we go on fantastic adventures, we experience the birth of new life. We share these experiences with friends, family and strangers on social media. And we know how much joy they bring to others because we are aware others have gone through the same emotions. It gives us comfort.

The journey to the moon was an amazing effort. It took years and many expeditions to first set foot on the moon. And not only did we walk on the moon, but we also brought up an electric vehicle and drove across the lunar landscape.

Humans can do amazing things, so why stop now? Let’s go to Mars, let’s get off fossils fuels, let’s explore and inspire. Let’s create unbelievable new experiences and share them with more than twelve people.

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