Kai’s combined background in physics, mechanical engineering, typography and design make him uniquely qualified to integrate science with creativity.

He has used these skills to work closely with leaders in the fields of technology, science and imagination.

After earning an engineering and design degree in Germany, Kai moved to the United States, where he worked with Kai Krause at MetaTools, developing celebrated products such as Kai’s Power Tools, Power Show, and Soap, among others. Later, Kai was in charge of creating new interface concepts for the original iMac and the LEGO Mindstorms series in cooperation with MetaTools, Apple, and LEGO.

At Google, Kai lead the design for Google Desktop, Toolbar, and GDrive, as well as early designs of iGoogle and Picasa. During his time with Google, Kai served on the design review with Marissa Mayer.

Notable among Kai’s achievements is his design of Life in the Universe, an award-winning project aimed at bringing the lectures of Stephen Hawking to life. During their collaboration, Kai, with Professor Hawking, produced one of the first multimedia projects with an integrated web component.

As an active member of the UX Community, Kai’s mix of skills continues to lead to diverse projects with new and exciting outcomes.

When he’s not designing, he enjoys capturing timelapse photography, and spending time with his family.