How Amazon Is Putting “You” In User Experience

Last night I placed an order with Amazon at 9:30 pm. This morning the package arrived at 9:30 am. Twelve hours later. Wow!

It is this type of user experience that turns customers into loyal brand advocates and evangelists.

When people talk about great user experiences, the discussion is often centered around the experience of a website or mobile app. And while those discussions are important, we often overlook other aspects of the UX cycle that deliver memorable experiences to the user.

The Amazon website is functional and highly optimized for conversion. But their website is not necessary visceral nor does it follow any of the flat design trends (yet) that we see everywhere.

Still, Amazon is aiming to deliver an outstanding user experience on a different level. In this particular example, the key to the user experience is a highly optimized fulfillment and shipping process.

This mindset has always been at the core of the Amazon shopping experience. Amazon started with real-time shipping notifications, which used to be a differentiating feature. Then over the years, Amazon introduced same day shipping and next day delivery. Nowadays they manage to deliver an order in 12 hours. It is just a matter until we will enjoy same day delivery.

Exceptional user experiences happen when teams, companies, and individuals collaborate towards a common goal — to provide the best possible experience!

It is a beautiful example of where the whole is greater than the sum of all parts. The Amazon warehouse staff, the UPS delivery network, the truck driver, they all play an important role to wow the user.

So next time you are in a UX meeting, go beyond the online experience and design trends.

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