If Corporations Are People, Then Act Like People

It’s surprising that after all these years some brands still do not understand how to engage with social media.

A few days ago my credit card got stolen and charged $1,000 for airlines tickets. Luckily I caught the transaction in time, and my bank was able to cancel the pending charge. Thank you USAA.

I made light of the situation with a tweet. Then somebody replied with an odd comment, implying that the charge was my fault because I went over my voice and data limits:

Tweet by Kai Gradert

It’s a really stupid comment. For one, it’s not even funny. But most importantly I am not a Verizon customer.

I usually ignore trolling Twitter replies, but this one rubbed me the wrong way, and I am calling Verizon Wireless out on their blatant trolling.

A look at the @droid1967 (screenshot) Twitter profile shows that every one of their tweets is an attempt to drive traffic and awareness to the @VZWSupport account.

Not to mention the egghead profile image. It’s a dead giveaway that you have a spam account if you don’t even take the time to update the profile information.

Hard to tell if this is an official Verizon Wireless campaign or one started by their social media agencies. Either way, it seems obvious they are using a fake profile to avoid having the primary Verizon account marked as spam.

I wish Twitter would pay attention to these fake trolling campaigns and hold brands accountable.

If corporations are people, then start acting like people. Be genuine and authentic in your online interactions.

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